You would have to call in when the show is being produced between 6 PM to 8 PM Monday to Friday.  From experience we have found that the easiest way to get through to ask a question is to start dialing their number (888-318-7884) one or two minutes before 6 PM. They may not answer until 6 PM but you should not get a busy signal and will have the shortest wait to have your question answered. Usually on Tuesday and Thursday the show is open forum and you can ask any question. If you call in during the second hour, your question and answer will be broadcast the following weekday at 8 AM. Your question will also be in the Catholic Answers archive of all their past shows that you can listen to at any time by going to their web site at

Or send a check to:
  Wilmington Catholic Radio 
  PO Box 12321
  Wilmington, NC 28405



Wilmington Catholic Radio is an affiliate of Relevant Radio and of EWTN Radio, both of which are listener supported non-profit radio networks.