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Some Encouraging News Regarding WBPL’s Interference Problems
As of late, the interference problems we have experienced since early last year, have not been as bad as they were, but I expect it to worsen again as we get into the warmer weather. The good news is we are getting closer to a couple of solutions although we do not have control of the timing.

The first solution will eliminate all the interference from the new station that started broadcasting last year, on the same frequency, up in Carteret County. There is legislation going through Congress that should open up alternative frequencies that we could switch to for our broadcasts. This legislation has already passed in the House with broad bi-partisan support. We’ve been waiting for the Senate to take action and today we learned that on Mar 9, 2010 it was placed on the Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. We are hoping this means they will soon be voting on it. Once it is passed and signed by the President, it shouldn’t be to long before the FCC makes additional frequencies available. We will then have to make application to the FCC for a minor modification. This is not very expensive and I’m hoping before the year is over we will receive the approval we need from the FCC.

The second solution involves the purchase of a broadcast facility which would provide an additional frequency that listeners could use to hear Wilmington Catholic Radio. I have been in contact with the owners this week but as of right now the facility is not yet available. If things go as planned and the present owners get the approval they need from the FCC, hopefully we will be able to purchase it. The time frame for this would probably be about a year from now and would be quite expensive. The up side of this is, it would greatly broaden our listening area and make it easier to receive the station in your home.

I will continue to monitor the situation as closely as possible and do whatever is necessary when the time comes. It is my hope that we will be able to implement both solutions, making it possible for our message to reach more listeners than ever before.

Jesus, I Trust in You.

Bill Hamilton

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