Using Alexa to play Wilmington Catholic Radio


The setup step should only need to be done once.

You will need to enable the Wilmington Catholic Radio skill for Alexa from a browser, either on your computer or smartphone.  In Amazon, search for “Wilmington Catholic radio skill”.  It should return the following. 

Screenshot 1

Click on the image which will bring up the next page.  Click on the Enable button.  It will then be available on all your Alexa-enabled devices.   (Should you later want to remove it as a skill you can return here and click the Disable Skill button.)  

Screenshot 2

Listen to Wilmington Catholic Radio

Start it playing by saying “Alexa, play Wilmington Catholic Radio.”  And to stop playing say “Alexa, stop.” (For some devices (e.g., Echo Show), the first time you may need to say “Alexa, enable Wilmington Catholic Radio” but after that you only need to say “Alexa, play Wilmington Catholic Radio.”)

Or send a check to:
  Wilmington Catholic Radio 
  PO Box 12321
  Wilmington, NC 28405



Wilmington Catholic Radio is an affiliate of Relevant Radio and of EWTN Radio, both of which are listener supported non-profit radio networks.