Weekend Program Grid

MidnightTake 2
with Jerry & Debbie
1amThe Fathers of Mercy HourThe Journey Home
2amMother Angelica
Live Classics
Mother Angelica
Live Classics
3amWomen of GraceScripture and Tradition
4amThe World OverThe Fathers of Mercy Hour
5amVatican InsiderThe Catholic Cafe
 Rosary w/ MotherRosary w/ Mother
6amScripture and
Vatican Insider
 Divine Intimacy Radio
7amThe Church AliveThe World Over
8amBest of Morning Air®Morning Air
9amMast Appeal
with Colleen Kelly Mast
Life is Worth Living
10amRelevant Radio Mass
from Green Bay, WI
11amPatrick Madrid -or-
Carolina Catholic
The Miracle Hunter
NoonBest of Take 2
Sunday Mass
from EWTN
1pmThe Church AliveScripture and
2pmThe Good Fight
with Barbara McGuigan
Best of
Called to Communion
3pmBest of Drew MarianiThe
Drew Mariani
4pmThe Patrick Madrid Show
5pmConversations with
6pmDeep Adventure RadioA Closer Look (encore) -or-
Carolina Catholic
​with Timmerie Geagea
with Timmerie Geagea
Fr. Groeschel
 Pro-Life Weekly
9pmVatican InsiderLife is Worth Living
 The Rosary w/ Fr. Groeschel
10pmThe Patrick Madrid Show

The Miracle Hunter
11pmThe Dan Cheely Show

Wilmington Catholic Radio broadcasts content from both Relevant Radio and from EWTN Radio as well as locally-produced shows. Relevant Radio shows are shown in Gold; EWTN shows are shown in Blue; local shows are in red

Effective May 1, 2020.

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Wilmington Catholic Radio is an affiliate of Relevant Radio and of EWTN Radio, both of which are listener supported non-profit radio networks.